The cost of fuel has rocketed again as Russian’s invasion of Ukraine continues to threaten the economy.

Traveling to work or taking the children to school is creating an extra financial outlay that the public is having to manage.  

We visited six forecourts in Watford on June 16 in the afternoon to see how much fuel prices have risen since we last investigated on May 31.

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Asda at the Dome Roundabout in Garston is selling unleaded petrol at £1.82 a litre, up from £1.67 in May.

Despite the 15p increase, it is still the lowest price for unleaded out of the six forecourts we visited.

Its diesel will cost you £1.91 a litre up from £1.77.

Watford Observer: Asda, Dome Roundabout. Picture: Kimberley HackettAsda, Dome Roundabout. Picture: Kimberley Hackett

The Shell petrol station at the Dome Roundabout has also seen a price hike. Unleaded will set you back £1.84 a litre, instead of £1.69.

Diesel has risen too, costing £1.93 up from £1.78 a litre.

Watford Observer: Shell, Dome Roundabout. Picture: Kimberley HackettShell, Dome Roundabout. Picture: Kimberley Hackett

Completing the trio of petrol stations at the Dome Roundabout is Sainsbury’s.

The cost of unleaded is now £1.83 up from £1.65 a litre.

And diesel has gone up by 16p from £1.75 in May, to now costing £1.91. This was the highest increase for diesel among the six forecourts.

Watford Observer: Sainsbury's, Dome Roundabout. Picture: Kimberley HackettSainsbury's, Dome Roundabout. Picture: Kimberley Hackett

However, of all six forecourts, the BP Garage on Wiggenhall Road had the highest cost for petrol and diesel.

Its unleaded petrol cost £1.89 instead of £1.70 as it was in May, while its diesel is at £1.95 up from £1.80 in May.

Watford Observer: BP, Wiggenhall Road. Picture: Kimberley HackettBP, Wiggenhall Road. Picture: Kimberley Hackett

It’s a similar picture at the Esso station on the St Alban’s Road. Unleaded is now at £1.84 up from £1.69 and diesel is at £1.92 instead of £1.81 a litre.

Watford Observer: Esso, St Alban's Road. Picture: Kimberley HackettEsso, St Alban's Road. Picture: Kimberley Hackett

Customers who use the Tesco’s Waterfield’s petrol station will not be able to escape the price hike there either.

Its unleaded is now at £1.84 up from £1.70 and diesel is at £1.93 up from £1.78.

Watford Observer: Tesco's Waterfield's. Picture: Kimberley HackettTesco's Waterfield's. Picture: Kimberley Hackett

As of June 13, The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said the average price of unleaded petrol at UK forecourts was £1.82 a litre, up from £1.74 a week earlier.

The average price of diesel was £1.90 up from £1.84 the week before.  

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