Your Covid-19 messages and tributes

Covid-19 has changed the world in ways that none of us could have imagined. The coronavirus and the lockdown it necessitated have caused tragedy, but have also prompted our communities to pull together in new and inspiring ways.

This page is our tribute to those who carried on bravely: those working on the front line, raising money for charity and helping their friends, relatives and neighbours; and, of course, those loved ones we have lost.

If you know someone who you want to thank, praise, remember or pay tribute to, we would be honoured if you were to leave your messages, poems, stories and artwork here.

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By Penny Mills

By Bev

Say thank you to Watford General hospital icu and Norwich hospital icu for saving my life after 8 days in a coma spent 3 weeks in hospital now back home to recover the staff are amazing ill never forget you all thank you all

By Anthony JIMENEZ

By Christopher Oram

Luigi was an absolute legend!!
I have been using the store for over 30 years and he has been the main man for most of that time.His knowledge of the industry was second to none and he always put a smile on your face when you went in even if it was a cold wet Monday morning at 6.30!!
There were times you needed to be quick and whizz in and out to beat the traffic early in the morning so you didn't want Luigi to serve you as he always wanted to chat and sell you something you didn't need !! I reckon he cost me about £10,000 in bits i didn't actually want in the first place(over the 30 years) but he was a great salesman.
A top bloke who will be sorely missed, love to all his family at this difficult time.RIP LUIGI

By Danny Perman

By Lynda, Carole, Lorraine and family

By Ionut Murariu

I would like to pay my respects to Darren from stand and deliver and a friend form my local big Al who both sadly passed away you will be missed from work and the local pub respectively

Daryl Fernando

By Daryl Fernando

To all the staff at Mount Vernon Hospital, who have worked so hard testing patients since the beginning off this virus, and giving extra support to there cancer patients,. Well done.

By Gina Halls’

To all the staff and residents of River court. This must be such a hard time, you are all very much in my thoughts. Massive thanks to the staff for all the care being provided.

By Theresa

By Gillian Baldwin

Please COVID go away because we don't want to stay in forever
We want to get to near normal life we want to see our friends and family.
So that is why I'm telling you COVID please please go away and don't come back again ever ever ever ever.

By Amanda Cerasale

To the people who lost their lives or to the people who lost their loved ones

Your sacrifices would not go for waste. You have contributed to the way the dying soldiers contribute significantly in the victory eventually, the same way your sacrifices would help not only your country but the entire world to fight this deadly disease.

God bless your soul martyrs

By Atit Mehta