Council workers laid down their tools after the decision to alter a stretch of pavement was overturned.

Complaints from residents, combined with a reassessment by Harrow Council officials, meant that the grass verge in Northumberland Road, North Harrow, was replaced but not altered.

Those living nearby had expressed concerns that the kerbside would be doubled in height while bollards would be erected as an “additional safety measure”.

According to Simon Jarrett, who lives on the street, this was not what they were originally told.

He said: “The leader of the council, [Sachin Shah], came down to explain how the pavement would be replaced like for like.

“This was all well and good and the workers were great about it, but they returned later and began digging things up again.

“We wondered what was going on as this was not what we’d been told so we moved to try and get it stopped.

“Unbelievably it looks as if the council has taken note and responded so credit where credit’s due.”

Dr Jarrett previously described the proposed alterations as “unnecessary and dangerous” and said they could lead to accidents as people were forced to get out of cars in the middle of the road.

Harrow Council explained that a reassessment of the verge meant that the changes were no longer necessary.

It added that the situation would be “closely monitored” going forward.