A dozen mothers came together for a special event which hopes to encourage more interaction between new mums.

Organised by Laura di Bari, the ‘Mumday’ get together, part of a campaign by free app Mush, took place at The Castle pub in Harrow.

It gave them the chance to discuss life looking after their babies and share their experiences in dealing with the challenges this brings.

Time devoted to the baby, concerns about crying and breastfeeding, issues with public transport and cases of postnatal depression mean mothers can often spend little time out of the house.

Laura said: “When I had my baby I found it quite difficult at first to meet other mums. My personality is quite open but it was finding the time and the people.

“I found that going for a walk in the park was quite lonely but it was much more enjoyable going for a walk with another mum and her baby.

“Mush was very useful. I found it very helpful and I want other mums to have that as well.”

She chose the pub as the location for the meet because it is “a bit like breaking the rules” for a new mother and she wanted it to be a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

A raffle saw three mums go home with prizes including a baby gym, a handbag and a hamper of healthy kids’ juices.

The group also collected unused baby toys, clothes and books, which will be donated to a charity shop in Harrow.

Laura said she hopes to organise another meet up after Christmas.