A community group has been celebrating after being awarded a top societal prize.

The Pinner Association, an amenity society dedicated to maintaining and improving life in Pinner, took home the London Forum 2017 Award.

The Forum hands out awards every two years to celebrate the achievements of local amenity and civic societies and identify and spread good practice.

This year, the judges were looking for evidence that a society is “showing enterprise and originality in increasing its effectiveness and energising its membership”.

They added that the competition was about more than just opposing planning applications.

Judy Hillman, London Forum vice-president, explained how she was impressed with the society’s ability to provide a framework through which to build a community and for people to meet each other through social events.

Those at the Pinner Association were delighted to have been selected by the Forum, along with the Highgate Society, but they reinforced the notion that they must keep up the good work going forward.

A spokesperson said: “We are honoured to have won this award. However we must not rest on our laurels. We are extremely aware that we need the next generation of Pinnerites to step up to the plate and become active members.

“Without this natural progression there may come a point where The Pinner Association has insufficient active members to continue our current range of activities.”

It follows on from the society’s nomination for the Harrow’s Heroes Awards and its overall contribution to the area.