Care home residents have been making Christmas decorations in a bid to spread some festive cheer in their community.

Those staying at Rowanweald Residential and Nursing Home in Weald Lane are inviting people to join them at their annual carol concert, where they will showcase their designs.

The cork reindeer decorations, which have been embellished with bright scarves and googly eyes, will adorn the home throughout the festive season.

Mary Woolcott, 90, explained how the creative process reminded her of her time as a school teacher.

She said: “They’re lovely – we used to make these with the schoolchildren over 30 years ago. They would save up the corks for months before.”

The carol concert, which takes place at 2pm on December 6, will be accompanied by refreshments such as hot chocolate and mince pies.

Rosie McGlone, activities leader at the home, said: “We are so looking forward to welcoming the community into our home; new and familiar faces alike.

“Rowanweald is always abuzz at Christmas time, and our residents can’t wait to share their festive cheer with people of all ages.”