I recently attended an online community event and moments before it started my phone flashed a message from the national track and trace system to tell me that I must isolate for a few days. I know that Covid has had an enormous impact on all our lives, with the loss of loved ones and livelihoods too. By comparison this was a minor inconvenience but a reminder that Covid has not gone away.

In Watford the number of Covid cases has fluctuated in recent weeks with new variants of the virus in the town. The current case rate is twice the level of a month ago and highest among residents in their 30s.

I know that so many of us will have been really disappointed with the Prime Minister’s announcement that the further easing of lockdown will be delayed. Although things have improved in some respects, all of us want to see the number of Covid cases falling again so that more restrictions can come to an end.

Over two thirds of adults in Watford have now had a Covid vaccination, with almost half of us having had two doses. I will forever be grateful to the many people who have made this possible. The impact of the vaccine is being seen with fewer people in Watford General with Covid and a big fall in the number of older residents with the virus.

Getting a vaccination will protect you and your loved ones. It will also mean businesses can reopen fully, supporting local jobs and making it possible for more people to enjoy sporting events, cinemas and theatres. We all need to play our part by getting vaccinated when it’s our turn.

Getting both vaccines is the best thing any of us can do to help get the number of Covid cases down, which will mean the remaining restrictions can come to an end.