The news that Covid vaccinations may become mandatory for carers has sparked heated discussion online with many blasting the plans.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed this week that jabs will become compulsory for staff at care homes in England, with plans to potentially extend it to the NHS.

If approved by Parliament workers will have 16 weeks to get both doses or face being redeployed and possibly lose their job.

The news triggered a furious backlash online with many questioning the move’s morality.

Yane Trajcevski wrote: “Sadly many elderly will die from the foreseeable reduction in future staff, unfortunately there will be a shortfall of care available as a result of this tyrannical behaviour!”

Mam Jarra Busso questioned “where is the ‘right to refuse?’”, while others branded it “disgusting” and “discrimination”.

Angie Willey wrote: “Get ready for a lot of places to start to lose their staff then.

“It’s personal choice, you can’t threaten people to make personal health choices to keep a job.”

But although the majority were against the plan, others highlighted how some vaccines are already mandatory in healthcare settings.

Elizabeth Waddell wrote: “I worked in a psychiatric hospital and I had to have a hepatitis vaccination, well three actually, before I could take the job.”

Steve Cole added: “Some NHS staff already have to be vaccinated.

“I.e if they work in operating theatre so compulsory vaccines is not a new thing.”

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Others also raised concerns about the risks for vulnerable patients if their carers are not vaccinated.

“The elderly and vulnerable in the homes surely have the right to be cared for by people who won't be passing Covid to them,” Lisa Walsh wrote.

But Phillip Soskin said: “There may be medical reasons for not having them.

“If all vulnerable people in the homes have been vaccinated there isn’t a problem.”

Amongst the largely polarised views, Sonia Black wrote: “I am on the fence.

“The jab is for their protection as well so they do not become so seriously ill they cannot work.

“But no one should be made to have it.

“Very tough in exceptional circumstances.”