The days may be getting shorter as autumn has officially begun but the lovely array of colours this heralds makes for one of the most beautiful times of the year in the eyes of many people.

The new monthly theme of 'changing seasons' offers an opportunity for our talented photographers to showcase the best of what this time of year has to offer and it has already resulted in some wonderful pictures. Scroll down this page to enjoy them.

The Watford Observer Camera Club is a Facebook-based group. It is open to all photographers – from those who use snap pictures on their phones, to professionals who capture perfect shots with specialist equipment.

Every four weeks, members of the camera club are set a new challenge, a theme is selected and then the work starts for our talented photographers.

Search for Watford Observer Camera Club on Facebook. Ask to join the group and we’ll accept you.

This week’s selection of images were taken by:

Stephen Danzig

Watford Observer:

'September sunset'

Jo Kedgley

Watford Observer:

'Harvest time'

Iain Nibbsy

Watford Observer:

'United colours of autumn'

Tracey Phillipps

Watford Observer:

Alison Robson

Watford Observer:

Stephen Smith

Watford Observer:

'Equinox sunrise'

Robert Stapleton

Watford Observer:

'Through the gate'

Peter Vlad Dan

Watford Observer:

'Stocker's Lake changing its colour'

Frances Woolnough

Watford Observer: