The organisers of a cancelled Hertfordshire-based festival hope to assure customers that they still exist after leaving angry customers requesting a refund in the dark.

The first-ever Herts Fest event was meant to take place at Herts County Showground in St Albans on August 15, but it was cancelled just ten days before on August 5.

Originally organisers failed to tell ticket purchasers why the event was cancelled, however after being pressed by the public, Herts Fest later explained that it was due to “Covid staffing levels” and a number of “important staff” having to self-isolate.

The event has been rescheduled to an unspecified date in 2022, and customers were left angry after refund requests were ignored, Facebook comments were blocked and there was no form of communication to customers.

Following a report by the Watford Observer, the organisers claim that a “legal matter” that is in the process of being sorted is the reason that refunds are yet to be issued.

The paper was made aware of said “legal” issues, which cannot be reported at this time.

“We are still here and not going anywhere,” said the festival organiser.

The “legal” issue played a part in the event’s cancellation, but “Covid staffing levels” were also legitimately an issue at the time, Herts Fest claims.

In a statement issued to the Observer, Herts Fest said: “We put our heart and soul into this, but unfortunately due to the unique pandemic we were not able to go ahead.

“We are doing everything in our power to keep the event alive and for it to go ahead next summer. We are yet to confirm a date again due to legal reasons as soon as this has been resolved we will be putting the new date out along with all the key information.”

Herts Fest explained they are adamant to keep the event going next year, despite the backlash seen from customers and social media.

One of the three directors listed under Herts Fest is also a director of another Hertfordshire-based festival called House and Classics, which did hold an event this year.

The Registrar of Companies says that Herts Fest Ltd – which applied to be strike the company off the register – said the company will be dissolved “not less than two months” of September 7.

According to Herts Fest, the festival will continue operating under its House and Classics name.

Trading Standards, which some customers have reportedly contacted, were approached for a statement.

Since the Observer’s first article was published, Herts Fest has still not made a direct announcement to customers through Facebook – their main public channel.

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