It may be almost 50 years since it was demolished but Cawdells’ prominent place in the history of Watford town centre remains alongside names like Clements and Trewins.

Many of us will be visiting the town centre to buy our gifts in the build up to December 25, but many of the shops we remember fondly have changed or disappeared altogether.

With the help of Watford Museum and its volunteer archivist Christine Orchard, we are looking back at some of those favourite shops and High Street scenes so many of us remember as the countdown to Christmas Day continues.

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This picture of the shop, which was demolished in 1973 to make way for Charter Place, was taken in 1962 and comes from the museum’s Bob Nunn Collection.

The posters in the store’s windows show it was sales time and a number of shoppers are looking through them for bargains, while some workmen appear to be taking a break in the centre of the High Street.