Members of the Watford Observer’s nostalgia Facebook group have been reminiscing about how part of the town centre once looked after this picture was shared, including memories of an air raid shelter.

Linzi Alder posted the photo of the Parade in ‘We grew up in Watford’ and wrote: “Watford town Centre. Approximately 80’s. To the right I think they were starting to build Sainsbury’s.”

A closer look at the background of the image between the shop does show fencing erected around what is now the site of the Albert Road South branch of the supermarket giant.

It is another building in the picture though, that some members of the group remembered.

Clive Hansard wrote: “The little brick building in the gap of shops was an entrance to an air raid shelter we used to play in when we were kids.”

Damian Hurst said: “Climbed down a hole into the air raid shelter in what is now Sainsbury’s car park when they started building. Found a gas mask and old clothes, think we donated it to Watford Museum.”

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