Staff at a chicken shop did not wash their hands after handling foods and “filthy” cloths were used, inspectors found.

The environmental health team at Watford Borough Council issued four legal requirements to Max Peri Peri in Market Street, Watford, after rating its food hygiene standards 1/5.

The Watford Observer submitted a Freedom of Information (FOI) request after inspectors stated the management of food safety required “major improvement” and the hygienic food handling required “improvement”.


A report reveals that staff were not washing their hands after handling foods.

According to the report, the wash basin had no soap, hand drying materials were not being used and it was left in a “filthy” condition.

Inspectors instructed the shop to ensure staff wash their hands after handling raw foods and to deeply clean and disinfect the basin.

Concerns were also raised over “filthy” hand cloths left on surfaces in the food preparation areas.

Watford Observer: Max Peri Peri. Credit: Street ViewMax Peri Peri. Credit: Street View

The report reads: “Cloths should be replaced when contaminated and dirty after each use, and on a daily basis.

“Separate cloths should be kept in separate areas to prevent cross contamination risks between areas.”

Improved training and a documented food safety management system were also required.

Despite the issues found, the cleanliness and condition of facilities were found to be “very good”.

A statement from Max Peri Peri said the shop acted swiftly after the inspection and the business believes the issues have been resolved.

Watford Observer: A generic picture of chicken. Credit: PixabayA generic picture of chicken. Credit: Pixabay

According to the shop, the environmental health team were satisfied with the changes made in a recent revisit, as the conditions of the wash basin have improved, and staff are now regularly washing their hands.

Officially, the food hygiene rating for the shop remains 1/5 until an official reinspection takes place, however a date for this has not been set yet.

But when the environmental health team organises an official inspection, Max Peri Peri is adamant that it can improve its rating.

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