The full 0/5 food hygiene report for a Watford restaurant has revealed 18 issues after its appeal failed.

Kamu Street Food in St Albans Road received the lowest possible rating last week following a Watford Borough Council inspection on March 25.

The Sri Lankan restaurant appealed the rating, which meant the score was changed to “awaiting publication” over the bank holiday weekend, but the 0/5 score was put online again on Tuesday (May 7).

The full inspection details, which found every area substandard, can now be revealed. The 18 points included that the premises is “generally greasy” and the chef wore “dirty” chefs whites.

There was no suitable sanitiser readily available for use and it apparently took “about 30 minutes” to find a-third-of-a-bottle on the premises.

A member of staff downstairs apparently did not know how to get hot water from the tap in the toilets and there were no towels for hand drying.

Inspectors found that “the upright freezer is not achieving temperatures normally associated with freezers” and told the restaurant it must immediately start putting goods that need freezing in a freezer that can achieve the required temperature.

Some food that was cooling during the inspection was out for three hours when it is meant to cool quickly before going in the fridge, with a maximum time of 90 minutes.

The full report also revealed that at the time of the inspection, the gas supply to the business was cut off and this meant there was no hot water to some sinks. The inspector and business had to agree temporary measures "immediately", such as using kettles to ensure proper cleaning until it could be switched back on two days later.

Other concerns included cleaning surfaces and sinks, proper record keeping, and acting on issues when they appear.

The restaurant was told action had to be taken "immediately" in every area except for updates to its Safer Food Better Business Pack, which it was given a month to do, and completing an allergen dish checker, which it had a week to do.

Kamu Street Food told the Watford Observer that issues have been acted on and improvements have been put in place.

It is now awaiting reinspection as a revisit has been arranged.