LOVE it or loathe it, digital technology is infiltrating nearly every aspect of modern life.

But one Watford artist is using her iPad to create something beautiful.

"The camera of an iPad becomes my digital eyes and we start distorting the objects in front of us to come up with a composition," explains Josie Appleby, 23, who manipulates photographs taken with her iPad using Photoshop.

"I then paint the resultant image, but insert painterly quirks to represent our irregularity/individuality; the human input. The paintings, I feel, are like a hybrid of a digital and human brain; natural digital designs."

The former Watford Grammar School for Girls student is now preparing for her début solo show at The Underdog Gallery in Bermondsey.

Her exhibition, titled Extinct Instinct, is the culmination of two years' work, and includes paintings, sketches, hanging wooden sculptures and a giant installation made from sellotape. The collection explores how digital advances are influencing human nature.

However the young artist, who creates her work from her bedroom in Watford, came to a career in art via an unusual route.

After leaving her degree in Fashion Design at the Instituto Marangoni London, Josie took up a course in Equine Sports Therapy at Writtle College.

"My artwork was just a very useful skill whether it was for a dress design or anatomical drawing of a horse," explains Josie.

She continues: "Throughout my entire childhood drawing and creating things has been a huge part of my life.

"It never even crossed my mind at that time that I could make it my career."

But it seems the future is looking bright for the young artist and with a piece submitted to the prestigious National Open Art Competition - she could be looking at having her work exhibited at the Royal College of Art.

The Underdog Gallery, Arch 6, Crucifix Lane, Bermondsey, September 5 to 17. Details: 020 7403 7837,