Hair the musical recently made a comeback in the West End and aptly artist Cathy Ward’s show at the Usurp Art Gallery in West Harrow follows a similar strand.

For the show, TEEN AGE, the gallery space has become a hairdresser’s parlour filled with intricate drawings of coils of hair looped into shapes, patterns and landscapes.

Cathy has also used her own hair for installation pieces and there are pictures of her teenage hairstyles on the walls.

“My drawings have developed over 15 years and depicting hair is a natural course in my work. My hair was short by the age of 14, and for some inexplicable reason I started collecting and bagging the trimmings.

"As some of the big players in my life from that time died tragically young, it was their hair that began to subconsciously penetrate my work. Then the art transcended what was initially a remembrance and became a tapping in of an internal landscape… an uncovering of a very personal and buried world.”

Cathy is only the second artist to be featured at the gallery, which was set up by the Usurp art collective in February.

When I visit, the group is having a training day where industry professionals are helping them to develop marketing and fundraising skills.

Artist and Usurp curator Poulomi Desai already has considerable experience of setting up arts initiatives having been approached to co-found the pioneering Hounslow Arts Cooperative Theatre when he was just 13.

Poulomi spent her early years in Hackney. Moving to Harrow aged ten, she experienced something of a culture shock. “I was put in a class where English was a second language but their English was impeccable. I left as soon as I could at 16.”

She came back to Harrow because her mother still lives there but also to create a focal point for artists.

A photographer and performance artist, Poulomi’s works have gone on show at The Serpentine Gallery. Her book of portraiture Red Threads led to a commission by London Underground’s Platform for Arts Programme, which is now the longest-running station exhibition in the city, comprising of 72 installations at tube stations including North Harrow, Stanmore and Wembley.

The Somali Women’s Group and the Iranian Association of Harrow have both been instrumental in getting Usurp off the ground. As well as bi-monthly exhibitions, the gallery runs a monthly music adventures night with music, spoken word and experimental performance.

The plan now is to forge greater links within the community, provide digital training for young people and set up projects such as a local art trail.

“We want Usurp to be a hub for ideas and inspiration. It would be great to get local businesses on board to add value to the area.”

TEEN AGE is at Usurp Art Gallery & Studios, 140 Vaughan Road, West Harrow from April 17 to May 30, Thursday to Sunday, 2pm-8pm. Visitors are also invited to the launch night with music and guest artists on Friday, April 16 from 6.30pm-9.30pm. Details: 020 8426 6264,