Only the pressure of an elderly lady forced the Turner Brothers to dip their toes into the Watford Observer’s Music Chart initiative.

But it’s just as well they did – topping September’s chart as they do with their joyfully uplifting track We All Want the Money.

Allow me to explain… Brothers (no surprise there then) Pat and Anthony Turner have been making music together for some years; spending countless hours cramped in a home studio to producing what, by any measure of means, is a thoroughly impressive body of work.

A series of absolutely belting tracks flows from their Myspace page alone; an electric fusion of just about every style you can think of but that works exquisitely well.

There’s just one tiny problem, however: the Turner Brothers remain more or less anonymous to all but small band of followers.

It’s pleasing, then, that the WO charts initiative has spread the gospel according to Pat and Anthony to new and far wider audience. Judging by the amount of plays received, our listeners love it too.

“It was all down to my girlfriend’s nan,” explains Pat, who with Anthony works as a full-time filmmaker and writer. (Both were recently nominated alongside U2 and Coldplay producers for a video of the year award.) “She saw it in the paper and made us sign up for it. She really likes our music and said it’s a shame more people don’t listen to it. She told us to give it a go and see what happens. We’re so pleased that people like it so much.”

So why haven’t we heard it before?

“We’ve played a few gigs but mainly stick to the studio. Music is really just our hobby. Clearly it would be nice to be successful but we just do it for fun. We must have produced nearly 200 tracks but we’re rubbish and getting out there and promoting them.

“We tend to get bored of the old stuff pretty quickly and move on too quickly. But for us it’s enough that our friends and family love it. They often play it in their cars or at home and that means a lot to us.”

So what is the Turner Brothers’ style?

“We can’t really put finger on our sound so it’s hard for somebody else to. I think genuinely it’s a bit of everything we like so many different types of music and have so many influences. Really we just want to produce uplifting music that makes people happy. We use a lot of our friends to sample vocals and things like that so each track is different – we never stick to the same theme.”

And that’s what I like about the Turner Brothers. Immensely talented but modest; in it not for what they can get but because they love making music.”

Check out now. The video to The Geek Sheek is hilarious.