ANOTHER Python has taken a shine to a Colwyn Bay attraction.

Following in the footsteps of late Monty Python comedian and Theatr Colwyn Bay patron Terry Jones, John Cleese has shared his support for the Welsh Mountain Zoo.

With only one month left of summer and the winter season approaching rapidly, the much-loved Zoo needs assistance to secure its future. The damaging financial repercussion felt following over three months closure during the pandemic, coupled with capped visitor numbers since reopening, leaves The National Zoo of Wales desperately trying to recoup losses.

Cleese said: “The National Zoo of Wales is in danger of closing down forever, after 57 years of fighting for wildlife.The consequences for all its wonderful animals are simply unbearable to even think about.

"The conservation projects the Zoo supports, both at home and abroad, are all now under very serious threat. This simply cannot happen!"

The Pioneer has reported throughout lockdown of the financial peril faced by the zoo, which despite support from multiple fundraisers and reopening again in mid July is still facing "an absolutely crushing burden of debt."

Watford Observer:

One of the zoo's ring tailed lemurs, a cousin of the species named after Cleese

The Monty Python actor has a long association with wildlife and zoos. A species of lemur is named in his honour and he starred in the zoo-based comedy Fierce Creatures, alongside Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline, and Python costar Michael Palin.

Cleese added: “The Zoo has fortunately now finally re-opened on a very limited basis with a restricted number of welcome visitors, but this sadly isn’t enough to secure its survival. Despite wonderful help from friends, the Zoo still has to climb a frightening financial mountain to become viable again. The charity’s trustees and management have no idea if they can survive the coming winter.

"It remains in the fight of its life for its very survival.”

Welsh Mountain Zoo Chief Executive, Nick Jackson added: “Sadly, John is quite right. The beloved national institution which my father founded over half a century ago may well – within months – effectively become... an ex-Zoo. Our supporters have already been incredibly generous, but we now need to ask the wider public of Wales, Northern England and further afield to get behind with one more big push to keep our charity afloat.”

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