MP George Galloway and firebrand American radio DJ Alex Jones are among the high-profile figures to speak out against Bilderberg Group after the Watford Observer revealed it was holding its meeting in the town.

Jones, who earlier this year launched a petition to have Piers Morgan deported from America due to his anti-gun views, has already vowed to protest outside The Grove during the meeting.

In a statement on his Information Wars website, he warned British authorities not to try to prevent him entering the country as Canadian authorities did when he tried to attend a Bilderberg meeting in 2006.

It said: “Alex Jones will travel to the United Kingdom to cover the protest unless he is barred from entering the country by UK authorities who have previously prevented other media personalities such as Michael Savage from entering based on their political viewpoints. Any attempt to deport Jones will be seen as an embarrassing PR disaster for both UK authorities and the Bilderberg Group.”

Also commenting on the news was Respect MP George Galloway, who said: “What did Watford do to deserve the descent of the Bilderberg ghouls amongst them?”