A lorry caught fire after its engine cut out on the M25 between Watford and Chorleywood this morning.

Firefighters from Rickmansworth and Garston attended the blaze after receiving several reports of a lorry on fire in the hard shoulder at 6.31am.

The lorry, which came to a halt between Junction 18 and 19, was extinguished by firefighters wearing breathing masks and using hose reels.

The driver - the only person in the vehicle - was able to get out of the empty lorry before the firefighters arrived.

Rickmansworth watch commander, Sean Good, said the driver had "experienced the van cutting out for a few miles up until the point he pulled over on the hard shoulder".

He added that firefighters currently believe the blaze was caused by an electrical fault.

The hard shoulder and one lane of traffic had to be blocked off and it took about an hour for firefighters to extinguish the flames.