A train had to be evacuated of scores of passengers at Watford Junction Station after a fire started on its roof last night.

Fire crews from Watford and Garston were called to the station at around 10pm after the train pulled up at platform 9 following the blaze above the rear driver's cab.

Watch commander Dave Elliott, from Watford Fire Station, said firefighters could not get to the fire from inside the cab but live cables made it too dangerous to tackle it from the outside.

He said: "We needed to access it from the top but with the live lines we had to wait for them to be isolated."

Fire crews waited for around two hours but the over head lines could not be made safe enough for them to get to the flames.

In the end the fire started to die down of its own accord and rail managers decided to move the train another station to deal with.

Mr Elliott added: "They moved it to Wembley and got another pump from London to deal with it."