A takeaway restaurant in Watford has been given an official warning for not clearing up rubbish dropped by its customers.

Watford Borough Council issued the sanction to KFC in St Albans Road after a complaint from a local politician.

Labour councillor Asif Khan who lives near the takeaway, supplied photos of the KFC litter around the area months after the council had amended its licence to make it responsible for clearing the area up.

Councillor Khan criticised the fried chicken giant for not respecting residents living near the business.

He said: "There is a pattern emerging that only when people complain is something done.

"The issue is if they want to stay open until 3am, and that is purely motivated by money, they have a corporate responsibility to look after the residents.

"However they are making money but ignoring the residents’ wellbeing."

In April Watford Borough Council reviewed KFC’s licence in St Albans Road after a complaint from Councillor Khan.

The Labour councillor and other Green politicians said residents lives were being blighted by litter and antisocial behaviour linked to the takeaway.

At the time the council rejected proposals to reduce the outlet’s closing time from 3am to midnight. Yet it imposed strict conditions on KFC stipulating its staff clear litter.

However last month Councillor Khan complained to licensing officers at the council that the area around the shop was still full of litter and supplied pictures of the detritus.

This week the council confirmed it had served KFC with a formal warning and would take further action if the situation did not improve.

Peter Nelson, council spokesman, said: "The council gave KFC a formal, written warning in relation to failing to conduct litter sweeps outside of their premises as required by their licence.

"The warning would be used as evidence in either a prosecution or licence review if further breaches occur in the future."

A spokesperson for KFC said: "KFC can be a positive addition to any community and we always try to be a good neighbour. We have listened to the concerns of Watford residents and would like to reassure them that we have taken the measures to ensure that staff carry out regular litter picks in accordance with our company policy."