Campaigners are celebrating after Transport for London confirmed it is recommending the name of the new London Underground station in West Watford be “Watford Vicarage Road”.

The station is due to be built as part of the Croxley Rail Link connecting Watford Junction station with the Metropolitan Line.

The station will be located close to Watford General Hospital and Watford FC’s Vicarage Road stadium.

A petition in favour of naming the station Vicarage Road collected more than 2,000 signatures.

Naming stations after individual roads is against the general policy of TfL, however campaigners argued the fact Watford FC’s stadium shares the road name meant it was a local landmark.

Watford’s elected Mayor Dorothy Thornhill said: “This is really excellent news and I thank London Underground and TfL sincerely for listening to us.

“We’ve all been so passionate about getting the name Vicarage Road because to call it anything else would just be bonkers. “This is the right name for a station in this part of town, and I for one will be so proud to see the name Vicarage Road on the tube map, as will many many others.”

Watford’s MP Richard Harrington was also celebrating the news. He said: “I made full representations to TfL and explained the strength of feeling I am delighted they came to their senses.

“It means a lot to the people of Watford and to people outside the town.”

A second new station located near the top of Ascot Road is expected to be called “Cassiobridge”.