An act of kindness from two Watford police officers has attracted global attention.

The officers, known only as "Cagney and Lacey" have found fame on the internet and national press after giving a lift to a drunk man as he stumbled home.

As well as the ride, they left him with some friendly written advice about his alcohol consumption.

A picture of the note, written on Hertfordshire Constabulary paper, is addressed to a man known as David.

It says: "We found you staggering in the road on your way home from Watford. You were so drunk we were worried you wouldn’t get home in one piece!

"So we gave you a lift home. Please don’t get that drunk again!"

The note was signed from Cagney and Lacey, the stars of a 1980s American cop show.

It appeared on the UK Cop Humour Facebook page on Monday and since then has attracted more than 40,000 "likes", and has been featured in the national press.

Dave Wheatley, chief inspector for Watford, said the actions of the anonymous police officers should be applauded.

He added: "My officers came across someone who was vulnerable and in danger, and took them home to ensure they were safe.

"This note shows the human side to policing and it is evident the officers who wrote this were attempting to highlight the danger he had put himself in, but in a light-hearted way.

"Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can leave people vulnerable so we’d use this as an opportunity to remind people to drink responsibly.

"If you are going out to drink, plan ahead how you are going to get home. Book a licensed taxi, use public transport or arrange for someone to pick you up. "Make sure you and your friends all look after one another and all get home safely."