A Watford man who was jailed for his part in a revenge shooting, which left a dad in a state of "living death", today lost an appeal against his 35-year jail term.

Fesar Khiaq, 28, organised the shooting of 55-year-old Mohammed Yasin Khan at his home in October 2011.

Mr Khan was blasted through a bedroom door, sustaining injuries which have left him paralysed down one side and dependent on others.

Last April, Khiaq, of Yarmouth Road, was convicted of conspiracy to murder and was sentenced to 35 years. Lawyers representing Khiaq today argued on appeal that his sentence was too long.

The court heard Mr Khan had previously given evidence in a trial of a man who was accused of playing part in an attack which left Khiaq's brother disabled.

The judge sentencing at St Albans Crown Court had wrongly said there were no mitigating factors, when in fact there was the "provocation" of what Khiaq thought was a wrong not guilty verdict in the trial for the attack on his brother.

Lady Justice Macur, Mrs Justice Thirlwall and Judge David Griffith-Jones said Khiaq had deliberately planned the revenge attack and found gunmen to fire the shots.

Lady Justice Macur said the injuries to Khiaq’s brother were serious and had a long-standing impact which will be of lifelong duration.

She added: “The 55-year-old victim [Khan] has been left in what may genuinely be described as a state of living death.

"The appellant's part in this crime was to be the man who set it up, who organised it and had considerable time to reflect on that which he planned.

"We regard this particular sentence obviously to be severe, obviously to be at the top of the range, but after very, very careful analysis of all the facts of this case, we are not persuaded that any reduction of his sentence is merited."