Pupils at Kingsway Infants were given a visual demonstration of the Great Fire of London.

Year two students at the North Approach school created 25 paper houses with straw roofs, in the style of 17th Century London construction.

Then firefighters from White Watch, Watford Fire Station, set light to the make-shift street, which included a bakery, to demonstrate how quickly the fire in 1666 would have spread.

Headteacher Caroline Walmsley said: "Some of the children didn’t want their houses burned but some had made a spare so we had enough.

"We wanted them to see how the great fire was so great, the houses were made of wood and close together. It was perfect weather for it because it was windy and dry.

Watford Observer:

"The firefighters let the children have a go in the engine and using a modern hose and an old-fashioned pump hose.

"I think it will be a day they remember forever."