A man from Watford has recalled the moment he helped save a baby deer after it became stuck in the railings.

The incident occurred on Wiggenhall Road near the petrol station at 9.15am on Monday.

Chris Barton, an enforcement officer, said he was alerted by the deer’s screams.

The 27-year-old said: "I heard something from over the road like something running in bushes. Then me and my friend heard a very loud scream me and we were wondering what it was as we never heard anything like it before.

"We ran to the road to see what the hell was making the noise.

"It was a poor muntjac stuck in the railings. It was jumping around trying to get out. I went up close to it and it was just looking at us and trying to get free.

"There was a Hertfordshire community vehicle that was driving by and the woman in the vehicle said put something over the head before she drove of.

"I covered the head with my fleece and another lady with us held the horns while me and another helper pulled it back so we could free the leg stuck in one side of the railings.

"The body was stuck in the railing next to the one the leg was stuck in. So after the leg was freed we pushed gently through the railing.

"The traffic was very busy as it stopped when they saw us lot helping the poor animal.

"It felt great to help rescue the animal. I love helping anyone and any animal I can help is a bonus."

The deer was rescued without harm. Fire fighters were also called to the incident.