The elected Mayor of Watford said the health campus project will carry on "one way or another".

Dorothy Thornhill was reacting to the news that the High Court has given Farm Terrace allotment holders permission to proceed with a challenge to Eric Pickles’s decision to allow Watford Council to build on their allotment site.

Mayor Thornhill said: "This is all part of the process. We will carry on just the same. The planning permission is in and we will continue until the final decision has been made.

"We knew the campaigners would take it as far as they could. That is their right. Whatever way it goes the campus will be redeveloped with or without the allotments.

"We believe we made the right decision for the right reason, and the Secretary of State agrees.
"This is such a big project that spans a decade and there is plenty to be getting on with.

"It is an important project of which the allotments play a significant role. If we cannot use them we will have to build more houses around that will be more dense. We will crack on and make adjustments if we need to. The site will be developed one way or another."