THERE has been one hell of a song and dance about the sweeping UKIP victories. The politicians are jumping up and down and there has been a degree of blood-letting and bandwagoning. The sad thing is most of the politicians have their heads in the sand where they have remained for too many years.

I would be branded a racist back in the UK. That is the cheap catch-all with which everyone, from the Daily Pravda (BBC News) to the local politicians, use to dismiss anyone who says “enough to immigration”. If we say we do not want to become the first truly multi-cultural society in Europe, we are dismissed as blinkered “Little Englanders” and lumped together with those of the National Front.

The worst of it is that we have been programmed to apologise simply for expressing observation and preference. How often do you hear people say: “I’m not racist, but . . .” The stigma is there, programmed in by those with their own agenda, backed by politicians who do not have the courage to represent their voters.

While the devious Tony Blair was grinning inanely and, with subterfuge, was flooding the country with three million more immigrants, our protests were ignored and he “shelved” the promise of a referendum on Europe. Then, when a lady tackled Gordon Brown about the immigration issue, during the last election campaign, accidentally he was recorded as dismissing her as “a bigot” as his chauffeur-driven car was leaving. That item popped up again since I wrote this. He was forced to apologise but he did not promise anything on the subject of immigration, despite the polls saying it was the biggest issue next to the economy.

With David Cameron and company in control, little has been done to tackle immigration, or more importantly, nothing has been done to curb the desire for people to come to the UK.

In Calais, for the third time, they have dismantled the unhygienic camp for would-be illegal immigrants, who are seeking to jump on lorries or try any means to get to the UK. Many of them have travelled through Italy, Germany, Spain and France to get to the UK, while overhead, happy Brits head off to those countries to enjoy their holidays. Yet why is the UK such an attraction? It is an easy touch. Nothing is being done to reduce that appeal to would-be immigrants, while we pay France for their inconvenience. What do we offer that Europe does not?

We read we are paying welfare millions into Europe to support children whose parents are not British. We have individuals on welfare, instructing those at Calais, just how to claim asylum in the UK. We finally, at the cost of millions, we deport a terrorist but we cannot remove his family from a large residence costing the taxpayers over a million a year. We have a convicted murderer who cannot be deported despite the fact he is an illegal immigrant, because it would rob him of his human rights to have a family life. Never mind that the person who he killed has been deprived of a family life.

We have another convicted murderer with a reputation for violence, who has twice broken out from prison, absconding while on day-release, committing a robbery while on the run, would you believe. You could not make it up.

Apparently we are more racist according to a poll, than we were in 1920. Well of course race was not a problem in 1920. Ninety-nine per cent of the inhabitants of the country were British but we are probably more enlightened on racial issues nowadays, but they are being made just that: issues. Now to be British means you are at the back of the queue, for we are told, despite never having been consulted or being asked to vote on the subject, we are “a multi-cultural society”.

There are Christmas lights dropped by certain councils in case we upset those of other religions; the National Health Service spends an inordinate (if not horrific) amount of money on interpreters; English children are taught to understand Asian cultures (in preference to European) and even, in some cases, learn their languages; while we are hide bound by the thought and speech-police, who apply political correctness to the point of stupidity.

Eleven years ago my wife was rapped by a County Council official for asking someone if they wanted their coffee black or white. I dread to think what it is like now. Probably it would be a sacking offence.

David Cameron stated we are Christian country. It was about time someone said that because our laws and customs have been based on Christianity since St Augustine came over on an extended working holiday some 1500 years ago. We embrace the tenets of Christianity even if we are not religious or dogmatic, and it has led us having Christian values and tolerance, but Cameron was blasted by the trendies.

Tony “Showbusiness” Blair tells us immigrants are working hard, doing jobs and contributing to the economy, which, if true with regard to 85 percent of immigrants (which I doubt), is all well and good. But we have indigenous British people of all origins who are unemployed, whose jobs the visitors are taking.

Terry Venables, embarrassed by a film clip of his holding hands with Brian Clough as they led their teams out at Wembley in 1991, chuckled last week: “We look like a couple of woofters” and Sky issued an apology for this supposed gaffe. Yet British passport holders can stand up and chant “death to the troops” in front of our soldiers in British streets and nothing is done.

The country is in the grip of multiculturalism; political correctness and individuals are dubbed racist if they draw attention to the fact we have too many unemployed, too many on welfare, too big a strain on schools, the health service and housing, and ask why do we keep inviting people over to this country?

I would never vote for UKIP. I agree with some of their policies, but there are too many fellow-travellers to whom I would not give political house room, and doubtless would treat me similarly. Nor am I sure as to the wisdom of pulling out of Europe, but it is more than likely the real message of UKIP’s success will be ignored by the policy-makers at Westminster.

The UKIP voters are not just protesting at the economic and social policies of David The Toff Cameron, or Ed Morribund or the politically bankrupt Clegg. It is a case of people exercising their vote to back an organisation which reflects many of their preferences - policies that are ignored by the major parties. The worst thing is to think a vote for UKIP is a protest vote. For many it is because some of UKIP’s concepts are not available anywhere else. The voters are not being catered for or, as the major parties would have it: “We don’t cater to the basest views.” Note the programming terms once again..

Just to put the record straight: if I was living in the UK and found that I had three neighbours in a street of 20 who were from Asia, Africa or Central Europe, I would be at ease and behave as I would with any neighbours. If we got on, we would be more than neighbours. But I would expect them to embrace the British culture, as I embrace the French culture out here in France. I know there are areas in France the British have colonised and I am ashamed of that.

Now I know I will be dubbed a racist for the above, by people who have adopted the mantle of knowing what is best for us all. I will be called ignorant and old fashioned and possibly reactionary; and probably I’ll need to go to the Stalag for re-training by the Thought Police. The problem is that I will have to wait longer to attend the Re-education Course, than I would waiting for an operation or a house. The queues for the course will be almost endless: the recent election results underlined that fact.

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Readers who submit articles must agree to our terms of use. The content is the sole responsibility of the contributor and is unmoderated. But we will react if anything that breaks the rules comes to our attention. If you wish to complain about this article, contact us here