How is peace best represented? A tranquil blue sea? A dove soaring through the air against the backdrop of a blazing sun? Or in a toast to a person’s successes and triumphs?

This is a question which has lately been considered by the participants of the Richard Harrington Literature and Art Challenge.

Watercolours, pen and ink, collages and photography have all been created in the contestants’ bids to encapsulate peace for the art section of the competition, and entries are now on display at Watford Museum.

Visitors to the museum are now encouraged to vote for their favourite.

The winning pieces will be crowned on the afternoon of Saturday, June 28.

MP for Watford Richard Harrington will present this year’s trophies, for both the art and the literature cups, having donated the cash prizes of £50, £30 and £20 himself, and will present the Richard Harrington Challenge Cup to the overall winner.

  • The Richard Harrington Challenge Cup entries are on display at Watford Museum, Lower High Street, Watford until Saturday, June 28, when the winners will be announced at 2pm. Details: