Comedy star Norman Wisdom met the law when he was in Watford on Wednesday filming his new television series.

Four traffic wardens noticed his car parked on a yellow line and ‘pinched’ him – in the nicest possible way, of course.

Norman also had an arresting moment when he posed for photographers with Police Constables Robert Secombes and Kevin Begley. They had spent most of the morning controlling the crowds of shoppers and children who gathered in the High Street precinct during the filming for the ATV comedy series Nobody is Norman Wisdom.

At times the crowds became so big that Norman had to take refuge in Meakers’ menswear shop. Scenes were also filmed at Watford Junction station and Stuarts camera shop in the High Street. Jewellers James Walker were used as the background for the scene of a jewel robbery which Norman, wearing a bearskin for some unexplained reason, accidentally photographs.

Producer / director John Scholz-Conway explained: “We chose Watford because it is a typical High Street and fairly free of traffic.”

[From the Watford Observer of June 1, 1973]


ONLINE TOMORROW: The failure of the county council to deal with roads properly is by no means a new phenomenon, as this story from 1925 shamefully demonstrates.