The London Comic Con may have been and gone, but don’t be disheartened fan boys and girls, there’s a new convention in town. Watford town to be specific.

The folks behind arts collective Papermouth are hosting their very own Comic Con at Watford Museum, celebrating local comic books, fantasy artists and of course cosplay.

In the run up to this new event on July 19, we’re asking YOU who the Ultimate Comic Book Character is.

Watford Observer:

Could it be Superman, who through the clever disguise of glasses has duped co-workers and lovers alike into thinking he’s Clark Kent?

Perhaps it’s the Batman, who has (almost) single-handedly sought to keep the streets of Gotham City safe, while dealing with a few demons of his own - including Robin. Holy smokes!


Or maybe you’re more of a fan of Hit Girl, who certainly knows how to Kick Ass.


Vote below and find out in this week’s Watford Observer if your character has made it into the top five Ultimate Comic Book Characters

A full run-down on Papermouth’s first Comic Con will also be featured.

Details:, @papermouthpromo





Iron Man

Wonder Woman


The Mask

The Joker

Judge Dredd


Cat Woman

Mary Jane

The Bionic Woman

Captain America

Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls



Kick Ass

The Hulk


Hit Girl