An avid Watford FC supporter who has come into the possession of a 100-year-old photo of the 1912/13 team thinks it must be one of the rarest in existence.

Paul Hooker, 62, said the postcard of the Watford Division 2 squad with their coaches and managers was originally given to his great great grandfather who worked for the club.

He said: "Between 1910 and 1914 my great great grandfather Edwin Sheppard worked as a steward in the grounds for Watford Football Club, and then on the turnstiles.

"The postcard was issued to staff at the club, and he kept it all his years.

"He died when I was just five. His final wish was to be buried opposite the football ground so even in death he could hear the roar of the home crowd."

The postcard was passed down the family and finally came into the possession of Mr Hooker, who inherited it from his mother.

He has kept it on display in his home for 14 years.

Watford Observer:

But after hearing about an auction of a club photo from 1920 - which was described as "very rare" by experts - Mr Hooker said he realised how unusual his postcard was.

Mr Hooker said: "It’s a piece of Watford history.

"I would love to know what happened to the people in this picture. I wonder how many fought in the war and then came back to play for Watford again."

The photograph of the 1920 Watford FC team was sold at an auction in Suffolk for £800 on Sunday, September 14.

Mr Hooker, who lived in Leavesden for most of his life and recently moved to Bedmond, said it was interesting in the picture that the players seem to have different versions of the same uniform, with some clearly more faded than others.

Along with the postcard, which Mr Hooker has kept with its original envelope, a pin from 1912 has also been passed down the generations.

The 102-year-old pin supports smoke clubs with the slogan "Play Up Watford Smoke Clubs".

Mr Hooker added: "I don’t think a modern football club would ever support something so unhealthy now. It’s quite surprising to see that on a Watford FC pin."