HS2 "cannot fail to have a disastrous impact on traffic" in Maple Cross and West Hyde, according to a council leader.

Three Rivers District Council unanimously passed plans to hire a Parliamentary Agent at a council meeting and they will oversee the council’s legal arguments and represent them at the Select Committee next year.

Officers said: "The Select Committee will give the council four week's notice of a hearing which the council must be prepared for. The Select Committee will expect HS2 Ltd. to have negioated with the council to resolve the concerns set out in the petition."

The authority would then have to decide whether they will attend the committee to contest any unresolved issues.

Early estimates indicate that the Parliamentary Agent will cost between £25,000 and £60,000.

Council leader Ann Shaw said: "Concerns include the excavations and earthworks - nine million tonnes of soil - contamination and flood risks and the long term impact on the Colne Valley. Reduced air quality, noise and vibrations and light management are all serious risks to health and well being.

"Large construction compounds are planned and are expected to house about 250 people, with a total of up to 500 workers on site, with round the clock working for eight years or more. 

"This cannot fail to have a disastrous impact on local traffic in the area which is already vulnerable to any difficulties on the M25. The small rural lanes, mostly without pavements cannot cope with this level of traffic.

HS2 is proposed to run from London Euston through an 8.4-mile tunnel to Ruislip, before continuing over ground to the Colne Valley in the London Borough of Hillingdon, directly adjacent to Three Rivers.