Watford Council has said said it will continue to listen to the community and take feedback into consideration after Oxhey Park groups expressed fears elements of the park will be lost to the new Link Road without consultation.

Friends of Oxhey Park chairman Sandy Belloni said it was concerning the car park would not be reinstated after construction of the new blue light access road was finished and Labour councillors questioned how much of the park taken up in the development would be returned as parkland once the work was done.

Amy Bedrock, a Watford Borough Council representative, said: “The Health Campus team, along with councillors, have met with the Friends of Oxhey Park Group and representatives from Oxhey regularly over the last two years about the link road.

“Our engagement with the group has led to significant changes in order to protect their interests and the park, whilst ensuring the essential road is built for access to the hospital.

“At the most recent meeting, on February 5, the car park was discussed and we are taking on board all feedback. We are disappointed that Mr Belloni feels as he does but we will continue to work with him and others on this issue to both protect the park and ensure this vital work is completed.”