Residents fighting the potential effects of the controversial HS2 project will be at Parliament next week in a bid to secure compensation.

A building site where an estimated 250 workmen could be living is scheduled to be built on the field next to the A412 in West Hyde and one resident has claimed it is the biggest construction site in the HS2 project.

Residents in West Hyde are concerned about the impact of increased traffic in the area, the vibrations from the tunnel, "blight" on their properties and they will be going before the House of Commons Select Committee for the HS2 Bill next Wednesday.

The route for the controversial project will take trains from London Euston, through an 8 mile tunnel to Ruislip before continuing to the Colne Valley, in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

It will then go over a viaduct, which is estimated to be more than two miles long and 15 metres high, and into Three Rivers, where it will continue on earth embankments to the Chiltern Tunnel.

Three Rivers will also host an "extensive operations hub" and it is believed this site will be the final destination for around 6 million tonnes of material, which could include that removed for the Chilterns Tunnel.

Sylvia Ball, of Old Uxbridge Road, told the Watford Observer she will be able to see this compound from her bedroom and lounge if the plans go ahead.

She said: "The main problem will be the construction site opposite my house and the blight of property.

"We are hoping to get compensation should we have to move.

"We are just outside the compensation area and the area has already been blighted. There has been a house on the market for two years and it has not been sold.

"We had a meeting with David Gauke at one of his surgeries a couple of weeks ago and a local estate agent produced information saying properties had already been blighted.

"It is just ridiculous. They are going to join two roads to the M25, which will give access to the site.

"You are not going to tell me that when the M25 is blocked that, lorries will not be using the A412.

"The construction site is supposed to be the biggest site in the HS2 project".

Liz Hall, of Old Uxbridge Road said: "West Hyde is a tiny area and is one of the worst affected areas.

"We are not against the HS2 project per say, but we just want to find out what we can do to get the best compensation for our area.

"I am still working full time. To be able to work full time during 24/7 works is a worry to me.

Ben Ruse, HS2 Ltd lead spokesperson, said: "We are committed to a strict code of construction practice ensuring any impacts of the construction of the railway are kept to a minimum. This code will build upon the best practice achieved on previous projects.

"Once work starts we will have a 24 hour community helpline, available seven days a week, to answer any construction queries.

"The Government is also offering a generous property compensation package and we have recently recruited a Residents Commissioner to help people understand what payments they may be entitled to. I urge anyone who has a concern to call our Helpdesk on 0207 944 4908."