The girlfriend of fatally stabbed West Watford teenager Aqeel Khan said she is heartbroken the father of her unborn baby "did not get justice" after a jury acquitted the 17-year-old boy on trial for his murder this week.

Devastated Alexandra Lawlor described the verdict at Luton Crown Court on Wednesday as "hell".

She said she had been with "peacemaker" Aqeel in his last moments on the afternoon of Friday, August 22, when his friends clashed with the defendant, then 16, 20 seconds from their shared home in the Holywell estate.

Alexandra, who turned 18 on the day of Aqeel’s funeral, found out exactly a week after Aqeel died she was pregnant with his child - a baby boy due next month.

Alexandra said: "I’m angry and hurt. These months have been hell, the worst months of my life. Not knowing why and this awful outcome, it’s horrible.

"Aqeel hasn’t got justice. We haven’t got justice."

The boy accused, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pled not guilty to murder.

He maintained he had not been present when Aqeel was stabbed and did not know who had stabbed him.

After the verdict, Alexandra was told by police the case would not be reopened.

She said: "To go through this - losing him and the verdict - has been the worst ever. We lived together, we spent every day together, we had all these plans.

"He left that day and said he would be home in 10 minutes and my life completely changed. I’m on my own.Watford Observer:

"He was helping that boy and he was the one who got hurt. He died trying to save his friends and the boy from getting into trouble, saying it wasn’t worth it and he didn’t want him to get hurt.

"We lived 20 seconds from where it happened. His friend came and got me and said Aqeel had been hurt. I got there and Aqeel was lying on the floor."

Aqeel died from a single 3.5-inch stab wound, which entered his back between his shoulder blades, piercing his left lung and causing damage to a major artery, from which he bled to death on the pavement outside Westfield Academy, Croxley View.

He was rushed to Watford General Hospital, but medical staff were unable to restart his heart.

Speaking publically about her boyfriend for the first time, Alexandra said Aqeel was a caring person who would have helped anyone.

She said: "Aqeel always wanted a little boy. Now he won’t get to meet his child - all because that day he was trying to stop anyone getting hurt.

"He was the nicest person, the evidence was that on that day he was the peacemaker.

"All through his life, Aqeel helped anyone. Even just in the street if someone was in trouble he would go over and help them. He was very caring, he provided for everyone. We all miss him so much."

Alexandra said the case had been hindered by a lack of witness testimony but the police had done as much as they could.Watford Observer: