A campaign to save bus routes in Hertfordshire has led to more nearly £4,000 being pledged to go on a “bus rescue mission”.

Campaign for Better Transport is using crowdfunding- an initiative where supporters can pledge money to achieve a certain goal- to provide workshops and training for campaigners fighting the draconian cuts to bus services.

If the amount of money pledged does not reach a pre-determined target at a specified date, the money will not be debited from supporter’s accounts.

The transport group wants to raise £5,000 and this will be used to fit bus cuts across six areas- Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Somerset, North Yorkshire, Powys and Bolton.

The consultation on plans to cut almost £1.5 million from the bus budget in Hertfordshire finished on Friday.

Under the plans, funding would be axed for Sunday services, except for routes that directly serve a hospital that would run until 7.30pm.

Funding would also be withdrawn for services which operate after 7.30pm between Monday and Saturday.

The council also plans to amend its bus strategy and modify the criteria which dictate which routes receive County Hall funding.

Martin Abrams, Public Transport Campaigner at Campaign for Better Transport said: “This is the first crowdfunding campaign we have held and it is an easy, effective way for people to donate money for a cause that will really make a difference to their daily lives.

"All across Hertfordshire people rely on their bus services to get to work, visit friends and family and to get to the shops so it is vital we meet our target to help fight against these unjust cuts to bus routes.

"People have until 15 April to help raise our target amount of £5,000 so we urge them to head over to our crowdfunding page and donate whatever they can afford.”

County council chiefs claim just two per cent of all passenger journeys would be affected by the proposed cuts of £1.471m per year.

To help us save bus routes in your area please visit http://buzzbnk.org/BusRescue to make a donation.