The pollsters cannot split the political parties nationally and Watford is tipped to be among the closest fought seats in the country ahead of the most unpredictable General Election in a generation.

So the Watford Observer took to the streets yesterday to get a snapshot of the feeling among shoppers with the election just 22 days away.

The WO asked shoppers in Watford about the key election issues and who they would vote for if the polling booths opened this week.

Watford Observer: Sophie WO election vox 15

Sophie Linington, 43, a training and events manager from West Watford (above), said: “I was decided on Labour but then the branch here put a leaflet through my door which was anti-immigration and it put me off them. Having watching the leaders’ debate I am leaning towards the Greens. They seem more socialist than Labour.”

Watford Observer: Olga Wo election vox 15

Retired Olga Butler, 66, from Watford (above) said: “I moved here from Romania 33 years ago for a better life. I live near the hospital and in our area rubbish is the biggest issue. It is disgusting, I have never seen anything like it. I don’t know who I am voting for yet but it definitely won’t be the Lib Dems. Dorothy Thornhill is the Mayor and she has not done what she said she would do. The leaflets we get through the door from all the parties don’t reflect what really happens here.”

Joanna Valentine, a 50-year-old charity shop manager from North Watford, said: “I’m voting Conservative and I have done all my life - they help the people that help themselves. I work on The Parade and something needs to be done to rejuvenate this area. There are too many empty shops. New Watford Market should also be improved - I don’t know anyone who likes it in its current form.”

Engineering manager Damian Brown, 43, from Watford said: “I don’t know who I am going to vote for yet. I would like to vote Green but I don’t think they have a chance of winning in this area. The majority of their policies are good. Global warming is not going away. We have to have a more equal society and the pay gap between rich and poor is getting bigger.”

Watford Observer: Sam WO election vox 15

Sam Fribbins, a 19-year-old student from Cassiobury (above) said: “This is my first time voting. I’m not fully decided yet but I will vote for either Labour or UKIP. They have the best policies for young people in my opinion and the Conservatives just don’t care as much. I’m not against immigration but the Conservatives haven’t addressed the problems we have. The new government will need to focus on the economy and the EU.”

Retired Croxley Green resident Albert, 65, said: “I won’t be voting for anyone because they’re all the same and they make promises they don’t keep. When Labour were in government I didn’t gain anything, when the Conservatives went into government nothing changed.”

Watford Observer: Philip WO election vox 15

Retired Watford resident Philip England, 85, (above) said: “I will be voting Labour and I have been a party member for 65 years. I don’t think the party will do badly here but I think people are voting UKIP as a protest vote. The main issue the government has to address at the moment is the NHS.”

Watford Observer: Mel WO election vox 15

Melanie Strickland, 32, a health charity worker from North London (above) said: “I am voting Green because I think their policies are a lot fairer than all the other parties’. I am against austerity and cuts and I think we need better policies on climate change. I also think Natalie Bennett and Caroline Lucas talk a lot of sense. And they’re women! We need more women in prominent positions in politics.”

Watford Observer: Alok WO election vox 15

Alok Mitra, a small business owner from Cassiobury (above), said: “I am voting Conservative because I think the Labour party is anti-business. I am a local businessman and Labour ruined the economy when they were in power, but since the Tories came in businesses here are doing better and there are more jobs. They have the most sensible policies on taxation and spending. If Labour crashed the car once why should we let them crash the car again? The Lib Dems are better but they’re not as business-friendly as the Conservatives.”

As the election looms ever closer, what are the key issues in Watford you will be considering before you decide who to vote for? Leave your comments below.

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