A clubber pulled out all the stops to run up a bill of almost £17,000 at a strip club in Watford on his own in a single visit.

He hired the attention of pretty girls, a private room and bought vintage champagne and smoked shisha at Diamonds and Strings club in Market Street. At the end of the night found himself £16,745 out of pocket.

The big spender, who declined to be identified, said he had enjoyed a big pay-out at a casino in London earlier in the evening before deciding to spend some of his winnings in Watford.

He hired the club's most expensive room, partied with seven Diamonds and Strings girls and ordered several magnums of vintage champagne.

When the town's mayor Dorothy Thornhill heard about his binge, the biggest the club had ever experienced, she said Diamonds and Strings was exactly the sort of venue the town needed to boost the night-time economy.

She said: "We're not Soho, we never will be. We keep on top of the clubs in the town. We know what goes on at Diamonds and Strings, the police are happy with the way it is run and we've never had any trouble from them.

"We know there are lots of people that come into Watford and get plastered. We do need more places that market to people who have more money to spend."

Nas Mal, general manager of Diamonds and Strings, agreed with the mayor, saying Watford needs more businesses like his.

The 31-year-old said: "We had a customer come in the other week. He had a win at a casino in London and decided to come to Hertfordshire to spend a great deal on money with us.

"He was in our VIP area, he hired out our most expensive room with about seven girls and ordered our best champagne. He stayed there and partied all night long.

"He spent in the region of £16,000, split between the girls, VIP room, champagne and shisha - he's certainly shot to the top of my best customer list.

"Watford needs businesses like ours.

"When I used to come on nights out here years ago, Watford was amazing - but there has been a decline as some businesses on The Parade have closed.

"We need a good clubs economy, which will bring in people from everywhere to spend money."