Watford's Parliamentary candidates have made their key pledges to voters - in 140 characters or less.

The Watford Observer asked the six MP hopefuls staking a claim for your votes to outline their six priorities for Watford.

But the candidates were tasked with getting each point across in the length of a tweet or less.

Watford is shaping up to be the closest political battleground in the country, with voters heading to the polls on May 7.

Read the candidates' mini manifestos below, listed in the order they were received by the WO.

The Observer will also be tweeting each of the candidate's six key election pledges.

Watford Observer:

Nick Lincoln, UKIP

  • Vote @UKIPWatford because I pledge that no one in #Watford on minimum wage will pay a penny of income tax.
  • Vote @UKIPWatford because I pledge that I will do all I can to keep #Watford Met station open @SaveWatfordMet.
  • Vote @UKIPWatford because I pledge that you will not have to pay to park at #Watford General Hospital. #GetRidOfIllnessTax
  • Vote @UKIPWatford because I pledge I will fight to protect #Watford commuters from the disaster that HS2 will be for Euston.
  • Vote @UKIPWatford because we are the only party that can help address #Watford’s housing and school shortage crisis.
  • Vote @UKIPWatford because I pledge that we will reduce regulation and rates to help #Watford remain the commercial heart of Herts.

Watford Observer:

Matt Turmaine, Labour

  • Campaigning for a modernised hospital in Watford is my top priority. Only Labour will save the NHS, we’ve done it before - will do it again.
  • I’ll vote for Labour’s plan to cap energy bills till 2017 and support our cap on train fare rises on all routes, up in Watford 22 per cent since 2010.
  • Tax cut for 24 million working people, rates cut for small biz, 200k new homes / yr by 2020, a jobs guarantee, end unfair 0 hours contracts.
  • Labour will provide 1,000 extra border staff to stop illegal immigration and no benefits for two years for EU migrants if you haven’t paid in.
  • Labour will increase free childcare from 15 to 25 hours /week to help Watford’s working mums and dads with three and four year olds. That’ll help.
  • Tuition fees cut to 6k, jobs guarantee, better apprenticeships, build homes for our kids, max class size of 30, ring-fence education budget.

Watford Observer:

Richard Harrington, Conservative

  • Unemployment is down more than 50 per cent with 7,000 more local jobs, we must build on this and support more job creation.
  • £50m+ additional schools funding, 2,500+ more places, four new schools since 2010. We need even more places and better schools.
  • Croxley Rail Link delivered, Bushey Station planning underway, Junction redevelopment essential, Abbey Line upgrade.
  • 3,340 apprenticeship starts here since 2010, we have to build on this with funding and support for employers.
  • Investment in health -16k more GP appointments must be extended and redevelopment of hospital secured. Five new wards opened since 2010.
  • Supporting local shops. More support for local shops such as Abbots High Street and St Albans Road, also extend employers NI discounts.

Watford Observer:

Dorothy Thornhill, Liberal Democrat

  • Get behind "rescue plan" for hospital following recent inspection. Strong management, new buildings, finances sorted - vital for Watford.
  • End tax breaks for v wealthy. Clamp down on tax dodgers and non-doms. More money & better economy means time 4 workers to get well-earned pay rise.
  • More homes needed for our youngsters. Build more social & affordable on brownfield sites like health campus. Help onto ladder with Rent2Buy.
  • Protect education budget. Increase free childcare, nursery provision and lunch. Full parental leave- mum or dad, u choose! #Watford4Families.
  • Tory cuts will damage our town. The elderly, vulnerable & less well off rely on public services that can't take severe, unnecessary cuts.
  • Our MP should have a proven commitment to Watford. I will be YOUR strong voice in Westminster, not the government's voice in Watford.

Watford Observer:

Aidan Cottrell-Boyce, Green Party

  • We will bridge the investment gap in the NHS by investing 12bn in frontline services, blocking the creeping privatisation of our NHS.
  • We will stop the haphazard provision of education which has left Watford with a shortage of places, bringing all schools under LEA control.
  • We will end the scandal of underinvestment in Watford's public transport system, making PT a viable alternative for shoppers and commuters.
  • We will protect our disabled and vulnerable citizens from misguided welfare cuts and from demonization at the hands of press and politicians.
  • We will stop small traders from being bullied, allowing local councils to foster local economies, introducing measures like the Tesco tax.
  • We will stand up to the bigots and right-wing populists and tell the truth: immigration is a valuable asset to our economy and our culture.

Watford Observer: TUSC party

Mark O'Connor, The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (no photo)

  • Reappeal the anti-trade union laws, prevent cuts to buses and libraries, and take a stand against three main parties pro-austerity stance.
  • Campaign for a £10 minimum wage and end exploitative zero hours contracts. Implement a programme of building affordable social housing.
  • Fight scapegoating of immigrant workers. Campaign against the neoliberal EU and an economic race to the bottom, headed by Brussels elite.
  • Opposed to PFI which allows developers to rent to the NHS. We call for a publicly funded hospital, not one built by businesses for profit.
  • Green space is precious in a very urbanised area. No reason why a publicly-funded hospital cannot be constructed while keeping Farm Terrace.
  • Put pressure on the county council to reinstate full street lighting for all residents of Hertfordshire.