Oliver Dowden is the new Conservative MP for Hertsmere.

Mr Dowden won the seat with 29,696 votes - an increase of just over three per cent on the majority won by previous Conservative MP James Clappison.

He fought off a challenge by Labour councillor Richard Butler, who received 11,235 votes, while UKIP candidate and former Labour councillor Frank Ward came third with 6,383 votes.

Mr Dowden said: "Firstly I am humbled by the people of Hertsmere and I want everyone to know that I will be a champion and defend this place to the best of my abilities.

"As a local boy I never expected to one day represent the people here and I am delighted and proud that I can and we will work hard.

"I'd like to pay tribute to my opponents. Frank Ward, I have had a marvelous time debating with you.

"But particularly I would like to pay tribute to Richard Butler - this has been a very difficult time for him and many people would have thrown in the towel but the fact that he really fought for this seat shows real determination and dignity."

Richard Butler, who came second with 11,235 votes, and lost his mother during the campaign, said: "I am really pleased with the results - it is an increase at the end of the day from the last general election and all I can say is watch this space."


Oliver Dowden (Conservatives): 29,696

Richard Butler (Labour): 11,235

Sophie Bowler (Liberal Democrats): 2,777

Frank Ward (UKIP): 6,383