In a dramatic turn of events the Liberal Democrats are down to a majority of one in Watford Borough Council after the Conservatives and Labour make six gains in today’s local election results.

The Conservatives were the victors of the day winning four seats from the Liberal Democrats, while Labour took another off the Lib Dems in Central and the Greens in Callowland.

The changes mean the Liberal Democrats now have 18 councillors in the borough and the elected mayor, Labour 13 and the Conservatives five.

Key players in the Labour camp said it marks the end of a 13-year Lib Dem grip on Watford Council.

Mike Jackson, chair and Watford election Agent for the Labour Party, said: "The 13-year grip of the Liberal Democrats on Watford Council is now set to end.

"Dorothy Thornhill’s Teflon bubble which previously protected her from national swings is now gone and the Liberal Democrats are experiencing the cold wind of unpopularity locally as well as nationally. Their time is up.

"With all 36 seats up for re-election due to boundary changes in 2016, Labour is now in pole position to win back Watford Council in a year’s time.

"The Liberal Democrats are beginning to look jaded and past their sell by-date. By contrast Labour’s diverse and youthful group of 13 councillors are rearing to go."

The Conservatives made gains in Woodside, Tudor, Nascot and Meriden.

Matt Jones, Watford Conservative election agent, said: "It’s been a really good day for the Conservatives nationally and locally. We are really pleased with the results in Watford. It means we have a team across the town, led by Richard Harrington, to make Watford a great place to live and work.

"It’s really good the make-up of the council has changed and is a lot more even. Watford Borough can be better held to account."

The Liberal Democrats held Oxhey, Park and Stanborough.

Andy Wylie, Watford Liberal Democrat agent, said it wasn’t the party’s night in Watford but they take it on the chin.

He said: "We just got blown away, as in the national scene, to the Conservatives. Several good councillors in Watford have lost their seats because of the national swing. It’s very disappointing for the people concerned.

"We’re pleased that a first time candidate won in Park and reversed what the Conservatives did last year. We had a good campaign, we fought hard.

"It wasn’t our night in Watford in a lot of wards, but we take it on the chin. We are still the majority on the council. We’ll keep working for Watford. There is no margin for error."

Here are the winners of #WatfordCount


Favour Ewundo (Labour gain from Greens)

Seamus Williams (Labour hold)


Michael Douglas Haley (Labour gain from Liberal Democrats)


Nigel Bell (Labour hold)


Asif Khan (Labout hold)


Mark Edward Whitman (Conservative gain from Liberal Democrats)


Linda Topping (Conservative gain from Liberal Democrats)


Shirena Counter (Liberal Democrat hold)


Anne Rindl (Liberal Democrat hold)


Derek Scudder (Liberal Democrat hold)


Sean Keith Silver (Conservative gain from Liberal Democrats)


Nasreen Shah (Labour hold)


Tony Rogers (Conservative gain from Liberal Democrats)