A car enthusiast who "thought he had nothing to live for" hanged himself, an inquest heard.

Leslie Gargano, of Aldenham Road, Bushey, suffered from various health issues including mental health and required a full time carer.

The court was told the 64-year-old was often in a lot of pain, which were as a result of injuries sustained in two serious car accidents.

In 2013, the carer, also a friend who lived with Mr Gargano became seriously ill, leaving him to look after himself, which he reportedly found difficult.

Hatfield Coroner's Court heard that last December, police raised concerns about Mr Gargano’s living conditions and state of mind and informed mental health services.

Someone from the mental health service then visited his house on a number of occasions, but Mr Gargano, who had a history of alcohol abuse, never let them into his home, only speaking to them through an open window.

However, on the last visit, which was the day before he was found dead, the former car dealer did not open the door or window to speak to them.

The coroner, Graham Danbury, said: "Mr Gargano clearly had a trouble life and towards the end it seems he thought he had nothing to live for as everything had gone."

Police were called to Mr Gargano's house on January 1 after neighbours raised concerns about his welfare.

Sergeant Noel Buckley, one of the officers attending the call, gave written evidence to the inquest which said that they were familiar with the house and Mr Gargano.

They knew the back door was not secure so went and tried there first but it had been blocked.

Looking through the letterbox, they could see Mr Gargano had hanged himself, but when they tried to enter the house, they found he had barricaded the front door too.

Mr Danbury recorded the verdict as suicide. He said: "I am satisfied that he intended to take his own life. The post-mortem examination found no alcohol in his system so his judgement was not clouded.

"What seems to be significant is the barricading of the back and front doors - it's clear to me he knew what he was doing and did not want anyone to stop him. He took his own life by hanging."

A friend who asked not to be named paid tribute to Mr Gargano. They said: "He was a nice man who loved quality cars, good clothes and fine things, but two accidents and illnesses had a great impact on him emotionally, especially after his carer fell ill.

"We all did what we could and it's sad that this is what has happened."