The Liberal Democrats celebrated last night after a "resounding" win in the deferred Abbots Langley and Bedmond ward election.

The election for five councilors to represent the ward was postponed to Wednesday, June 24 due to the death of Labour candidate John Sedlacek.

Although there was a much smaller poll compared with the elections on May 7, the Liberal Democrats won almost 57 per cent of the vote, compared to just 42 per cent in the same ward just six weeks ago.

All five seats were won by the Liberal Democrats who now have 13 out of 15 seats on Abbots Langley Parish Council.

Abbots Langley Parish Council chairman, Councillor Stephen Giles-Medhurst, said: "Voters recognised that the Liberal Democrats work hard all year round for the good of the area and wanted to ensure the Liberal Democrats continue to run an efficient and cost effective parish council.

"Clearly those that vote Conservative, just nationally, stayed at home.

"This result is a true reflection of our hard work for the area.

"Indeed, it’s pleasing to see that this was actually a better result when the last parish council elections were held in 2001."

Results are as follows:

Jean Bowman, Liberal Democrat - 704 votes (elected)

Steven Patrick Crane, Labour Party - 217 votes

Mary Hall, Labour Party - 204 votes

Ian Michael Holmes, Labour Party - 229 votes

Brenda Margaret Kersey, Liberal Democrat - 744 votes (elected)

Drusilla Jane Lay, Liberal Democrat - 780 votes (elected)

David James Mayor, Liberal Democrat - 771 votes (elected)

Ahmad-Said Namdarkhan, Labour Party - 199 votes

Marie-Louise Straub Nolan, Labour Party - 191 votes

Andrew D O’Brien, Conservative Party - 359 votes

John Stephen Wyatt, Liberal Democrat - 703 votes (elected)