This weeks title describes me aptly, a woman of a certain age trying to shed a few pounds . I do love food tis true, its a Hart thing,  and this week I’ve been discovering things you can do with it, especially bananas, ………and don’t be making up your own jokes…..

If you strolled into the kitchen with a banana in mind but found it looking rather black and inedible you’d throw it out huh? Well after watching this video you’ll probably still throw it out because this would take far too long, but it’s amazing what you can do with  some rice, a freezer bag and a hair dryer and I defy you not to try this just once for the shear magic of it , sure it’s more Paul Daniels than Dynamo but it still produces a WOW!

I also use the insides of a banana skin every week as a tooth whitener, and yes it works rather wonderfully. Once you peel the banana, just take a strip of the skin and use the fleshy inside to rub on your teeth as if you were polishing a small ornament, then just rinse your mouth with water, the minerals absorb into the teeth causing them to whiten, plus you still have the banana to nosh….…result.

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Now, it’s hard trying to lose weight, and if you have a Ker-zillion health problems as I do its even harder so I was discussing with a taxi driver who couldn’t seem to shift the blubber another little something I do that helps aid weight loss in sensible fashion 15-20 mins before a meal I have a small glass of  Honegar honey cider vinegar in cold water because it stimulates the digestive system and  means that when the food reaches the stomach instead of sitting there taking forever to break down, it falls straight into the cider vinegar and the acid immediately starts breaking down the fat …….another result

If there’s some little tip or trick you do to lose weight then why not  share it with us all  in comments? 

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Staying on a foodie theme, this little gadget had me smiling just for appearance alone but at first look I wondered what a plant was doing in the kitchen department until on closer inspection I learnt it’s the Fructus Fruit Kitchen Tool | 10 in 1 MULTI GADGET it’s a menagerie of apple cutter, lemon sqeezer, picks, mashers etc available from Amazon on a deal at the moment for £9.99

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In M.E news this week, the report from Invest In ME’s 10th Conference has now been  published and this is what they had to say: “Our 10th Invest in ME International ME Conference 2015 - IIMEC10 - took place on 29th May 2015 in London and attracted delegates from seventeen different countries - from Europe, North America, Middle East and Australasia.

The theme for IIMEC10 was Agents for Change - reflecting the gathering inititaives, individuals and organisations that are playing key roles in developing research into ME and changing the perception of this disease. Through the multiple international collaborations the charity has formed there is a real sense of progress being made in understanding this disease and applying meaningful science with a firm strategy of biomedical research”

You can read the full report here:

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In local news I popped along to the Courtlands Community Fun day last Saturday and amongst the  raffle and Tombola stalls discovered a little gem called “The Soap Cabin” run by a lovely lady called Shireen. “Fancy bringing a hint of the Caribbean into your home?” it said. Why not, I thought,  picking up a tester pot of Lemongrass & lime Whipped Body Butter, A  smell so luscious I swear you’ll want to eat it.

Not only do the products look professional, they’re all home-made, natural, safety certified and not tested on animals which as a vegetarian is something I look for.

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It’s always wonderful to find a local like Shireen making a business out of their  talent.  Based in Rickmansworth you can place an order and read all about how the Soap Cabin got started  at the website:  & follow on Facebook & Twitter.  Or If you live local, you can always pop into Watfords Rebel Pebble Craft Emporium 98 The Parade who stock the products…….and yes I did purchase myself  that pot in the end and have been smothering myself in it after a bath every night, all I need now is my bikini, a large rum, and if I close my eyes I’ll be in the Caribbean for sure.

                                        Til Next Week, Stay Blessed

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