A GIANT mouse walked the streets of Radlett on Saturday morning, to mark the launch of a new Internet business.

ClickOnMouse.com is a company based on the principle of word of mouth recommendation. Local companies providing a good product or service can be listed in a directory.

Rather than selecting a plumber or mechanic from the Yellow Pages and hope they are as good as their advert claims, the idea is to believe the comments of previous customers.

Mr Richard Hartman is one half of the dotcom operation.

He said: "I came up with the concept while thinking about how hard it is for people to choose a financial advisor.

"Without a personal referral to turn to, choosing a business or service is really just guesswork. ClickOnMouse.com takes the chance element out of choosing a reliable company."

The website only lists companies personally recommended by satisfied customers.

To gain a place on the list, firms must consistently meet quality, value for money and friendliness criteria.

The 35 companies featured on the site at the time of its official opening on Saturday, have undergone a assessment by ClickOnMouse.com. Checks include interviews with the business owner and members of staff.

Comments made by customers on listed companies are monitored on an on-going basis.

Use of the site to customers is free of charge. Listed companies pay a monthly fee for the administration of the site.