Traffic wardens in north Watford ticketed an NHS van that was being used for a blood drive in a Baptist Church.

A spokesman from NHS Blood and Transplant confirmed that following a regular session at Leavesden Road Baptist Church, one of the service’s blood donation vans was issued with a parking ticket.

He said: “We will speak to Watford Borough Council to discuss the local parking arrangements.

“To collect blood we need to load and unload a lot of equipment, and we ensure that our vehicles are parked in safe locations that do not inconvenience the public.

“Blood donation relies on the generosity of donors and we look forward to seeing our Watford donors again at our future sessions at Leavesden Road Baptist Church, Asda, Tesco, and Halsey Masonic Hall.”

In a statement, Watford Borough Council said: “Having heard about the case, as soon as the NHS contact us we will cancel the ticket.”