Huge regeneration plans were unveiled in Northwood last week but neighbours fear building work will make the area a “no-go zone”.

Transport for London will be redeveloping the station, building 127 flats and houses and creating more retail space in Green Lane and Station Approach.

Existing businesses will be forced out of their shops, but head of property development at TFL Peter Elliot said the development would be phased, meaning traders in Station Approach and Green Lane will be moved across the road to other properties that are TFL owned.

The buildings on the station side of Green Lane, up to Taylor Made and Station Approach will be demolished. In their place, ground floor shops will be created and an additional three stories of flats will be built on top of these.

The car park will then be developed into town-houses.

Chairman of Northwood Residents Association Tony Ellis said the plans would “bring the light back to Northwood”.

He said: “Northwood is dying. We used to have a lot of good quality shops. We have lost greengrocers, we have lost delicatessens. There is not a lot to keep people in Northwood.

“At night, Northwood basically dies. We need a vocal point to make Northwood a destination where people will spend money.

“TFL are doubling the retail space which will hopefully bring more restaurants and more quality shops. I think the plans will bring the light back to Northwood.”

While the platforms at the station will not be made longer, the entrance to the station will be widened significantly, allowing more people to access the station at one time.

One couple who were examining the plans said they liked the proposals, but warned the traffic during construction would be horrific.

Anthony Etkind, who lives off Grove Hill Road, said: “We are starting to think the idea looks good.

“But it is going to be a nightmare during building because you can’t see how they will do it without destroying Northwood.

“It could make Northwood into a no-go zone.”

Mr Elliot told the Watford Observer the current proposals were drawn up after a bid to sell the land to a developer who wanted to build a huge Sainsbury’s was stopped in its tracks.

He said: “Between June and October, TFL asked the community about how TFL could best use the town for the town centre.

“This development will offer an expanded retail, including food and beverage options. Something like a Café Rogue or a Pizza Express.”

“There is a range of accommodation. There will be two bed flats and if there are a couple with young children, they may choose to live near the station so they can hop onto the train and travel into London.

“But there will also be some three and four bedroom houses and there are some excellent schools in the area and people may want to live near them.”

The consultation was held at an empty shop unit on Green Lane between Monday 28 September and Saturday, October 3.

A full planning application is expected to be submitted to Hillingdon Council later this month.