A music producer made a deal with television presenter Noel Edmonds and walked away with £44,000.

Shahid Khan, of Charlock Way, Watford, appeared in 26 episodes of the gameshow Deal or No Deal. The episode in which he was in the hotseat as a contestant was broadcast yesterday.

But the 26-year-old said he wasn't nervous about being in the spotlight.

He said: "I just thought of it as being in a room full of people. If you think of it as a television show you will get nervous.

"The audience was really behind me, and the crew and Noel were great."

Shahid used his winnings to buy an Audi A3, and to pay back a loan from the Prince's Trust.

The charity supported Shahid's dream of becoming a music producer with his own studio by giving him a loan to purchase equipment and providing business advice.

Shahid, who attended Holywell Primary School and Westfield Community Technology College, appears to be enjoying a wave of success at the moment.

His single BigLove, produced by his label Naughtyboy Recordings, is just about to be released. He also appeared in a Deal or No skit shot for Comic Relief with comedian Catherine Tate.

He has also just been asked to perform at an upcoming multi-cultural event at the West Watford Muslim Community Project.

Shahid, who has one brother and one sister, said: "Everything seems to have coincided with Deal or No Deal, it has all come together at once."